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About Us

PlushLittleBaby is dedicated to finding the BEST things out there for today’s modern parents.  We understand that parents are some of the busiest people in the world who don’t have the time to do hours of research to find the best things for their babies and toddlers.  So we did the research for you!  With our extensive knowledge as a successful luxury baby & toddler trade show in Los Angeles, we have narrowed down the BEST baby & toddler products per category.  What’s more is that we’ve found some of the best places to shop for these products!

We have also compiled portfolios of some of the BEST party planning ideas, recipes and even a vendor directory for your party planning needs.  These ideas are added on a weekly, sometimes even on a daily basis, but what makes PlushLittleBaby so great is that we only select the BEST to feature – so no need to research around!

Creator of PlushLittleBaby and PLUSH: the posh little urbanites show is Jina Park – a mother, an entrepreneur, and a creative mind. Being a mother of two beautiful boys, Jina is obsessed with the booming baby and toddler industry and started PLUSH: the posh little urbanites show, a trade show in Los Angeles for parents with style looking for the latest and greatest things for their babies and toddlers.

Jina also started her blog, PlushLittleBaby (formally known as Ultimately Plush) from her love of party planning and her desire to make visions come to life. Jina thought the best way to channel her intentions was to start a couture invitations company. As her new business started to take off, Jina noticed that the invitation consultations soon became full-blown party theme and planning meetings, sprinkled with the latest product discussions with her close mommy friends. Now, Jina strives to make PLUSH and PlushLittleBaby the ultimate resource for parents who want to be in the know.

For information about PLUSH: the posh little urbanites show, please visit www.plushshow.com or email us at: info@plushshow.com.