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Little Twig and Sparrow Pajamas Review & Giveaway!

We at PlushLittleBaby LOVE reviewing products that are AWESOME. In fact, we ONLY review products and giveaway items that we absolutely love, and our goal is to share these products with all the parents out there… to make parenting a little easier, and a little more fun. And today, we want to tell you how much we have fallen head over heels over these pajamas from Little Twig & Sparrow! They come in a cute little pouch and inside the pouch is a set of extremely well-made pajamas that is... Read The Rest →

Konfidence Ultimate Product Set Giveaway & Review

Today’s review and giveaway comes from a company that has thought of everything when it comes to having fun in the sun! Babies and toddlers LOVE pool parties and spending time at the beach. Award-winning company, Konfidence, has truly become THE perfect, reliable, and go-to brand for fun in the sun, and we fell in love with their products INSTANTLY. As a mom, I can’t tell you how difficult it is to find good, reliable swimwear for my little ones – they usually don’t fit well, need much adjustment, or... Read The Rest →

Daddy & Company Health & Skincare Products Review & Giveaway

We LOVE it when Dads get involved during baby’s bath time. Especially after a long day, a Dad that thoughtfully takes care of babies’ hygienes and skincare is definitely a winner in our books, and can also be deserving of well… special treats! That’s why we love Daddy & Company – a brand that is dedicated to providing dads a way to proudly proclaim that they’re a DAD, and indeed a very special person in a baby’s life. And we are excited to introduce you to their new Health &... Read The Rest →

Cozy Cover Review & Giveaway

Baby gears are great, but accessories are the icing on top! When you’re out and about with your baby, anything that will make life a little more comfortable and easier for both parent and child can affect the qualify of that entire outing. That is why we love Cozy Cover – a company that adds that little extra touch to make your life easier and make traveling a lot more enjoyable and a little less stressful! About the company: The Cozy Cover brand has been around for 20yrs and continue to... Read The Rest →

Day 10 – Maxi Cosi Bohemian Blue Mico AP Infant Carseat Giveaay!

It’s Day 10, and we’re excited to announce our final giveaway, and it comes from a brand we all love and trust – Maxi-Cosi! And they’re giving away their LATEST, most STYLISH, and SAFE infant Carseat from their brand new, special edition Bohemian Collection! And what do we love about this carseat the most? Well, aside from the eye-popping blue color, it has advanced patented Air Protect cushion system protects around your baby’s head, where it’s needed most. And with their multi-position sun canopy, your baby has never been more comfortable!... Read The Rest →

Day 9 – Puj Splash Newborn Bath Set!

It’s Day 9 of our Giveaways, and we’re almost near the end! Today’s giveaway comes from Puj – the company that makes bathing a baby convenient, easy, and oh so stylish. We bathed our babies every night since birth, and this can easily and quickly become a chore. Puj, however, helped make it more fun and convenient. No more handling large tubs filled with water, as their lightweight, compact and foldable baby tubs fit perfectly into any sink, making it easy to handle and clean. Babies can lay comfortably in... Read The Rest →

Day 8 – Ergobaby Travel Baby Carrier Giveaway!

Day 8 Giveaway item comes from our retail friends over at Kidsland USA – an awesome online and brick & mortar store in Los Angeles that carries seriously everything parents could possibly ask for, with only the BEST brands. And they’re giving away an item from one of the best selling baby carrier brands known to mankind – Ergobaby! We once surveyed our blog fans, and asked, “If you were stranded on a deserted island, what one baby product would you want to have?” Without a doubt, the Ergobaby Carrier came... Read The Rest →

Day 7 – BOB Revolution Flex Giveaway!

Day 7 GIVEAWAY comes from BOB, and they’re giving aay one of their NEWEST STROLLERS – the BOB Revolution Flex! When it comes to strollers and JOGGING strollers, BOB has become one of the most popular brands, and with the Revolution Flex, they’ve thought of literally everything. Introducing their new height-adjustable handlebar with 9 positions to accomodate the comfort level of anyone, anywhere and anytime! With excellent flexibility and uncomparable comfort, BOB has taken it up another notch with this one. Aside from these changes, we love BOB Jogging strollers... Read The Rest →

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