Indy Plush Review & Giveaway!

We love giving brands we work with, recognition for being eco-friendly and committed to helping the environment, and Indy Plush is one of them!  Indy Plush designs, creates, and constructs toys that are inspired by children’s drawings.  These toys are special to kids because they are their own creations of imagination.  What makes Indy Plush so great is that they are 100% committed to helping the environment.  They only use sustainable materials, such as wool and cotton to create their toys.  Their fabrics, fillers, and even packaging is made from recycled materials, including plastic bottles, paper, wool, or oats.  Their inks are water-based and 100% bio-degradable, and every toy is American made, specifically in Los Angeles, California.  Indy Plush toys are bright and large enough for your toddler to carry around.  Every design is super cute and great entertainment for your child!

It hasn’t even been one year since Indy Plush was established, and already they are taking off!  Founders Franceil Masi, Plinio Garica, and Andrew Ruesch started a partnership in October of 2012 after an ordinary teacher conference in Coeur d’Alene.  After asking her students to draw their favorite animal, Franceil created the first Indy plush toy inspired by on of her students, Luke.  Impressed by her creation, Plinio and Andrew asked her if she would like to start a business.  Luke’s Dog is now one of their best sellers!  Indy Plush sources materials that are sustainable and eco-friendly, and creates all their toys in the US, making the economy stronger.

Today, we are giving away ONE Luke’s Dog in Tangerine, ONE onsie (pictured below), and ONE Seahorse (pictured below: pink or blue), to ONE lucky winner!  Please see below for rules on how to enter.  Good luck!

Retail Value: $86.00

big indy SeahorseBundle



  • Toys are inspired by children
  • 100% committed to the environment
  • 100% American made
  • Uses sustainable materials
  • Uses recycles materials
  • Inks are safe
  • Bright colors
  • Cute
  • Easy for toddler to grab