Madii & Dyl Review

Our children’s skin can be very sensitive to begin with, so if your little one has even more sensitive skin than usual, abrasive towels and cloths might be doing more harm than good.  Babies are exposed to potentially rough cleaning cloths far more often than mothers might realize—after eating, after milk, and even after a bath or shower.  If your child needs extra care for sensitive skin, or you’re worried the cloths you’re currently using might be too abrasive, the people at Madii & Dyl might have something that could help: the Luxe Cleansing Flannel and Latex Pillow.

Madii & Dyl is a company based in Australia founded by Jackie, a mother of the two children for whom the company is named.  Jackie’s daughter Madii suffered from eczema, a dermatological condition which is characterized by irritated, dry skin which required extra care.  In response, Jackie developed the Cleansing Flannel, an air-spun, porous free cloth which is hard when dry but becomes soft whenever it is wet.  The flannel is used to clean sensitive skin without causing irritation.  It’s also made from eco-friendly material and can be used on age from babies to adults!

Jackie also developed a pillow solution for babies and little ones, one that was sustainable, hypo-allergenic, and one that provided adequate support.  The Luxe Pillow is made from 100% organic latex and is offered in a variety of contours to adapt to even the most troublesome sleepers.  The Luxe Pillow comes in three different sizes, Sooki Babe for age 3-18 months, Teenii Tot for ages 18 months-4 years and Mini Me for age 4 years+.


  • The Cleansing Flannel has been naturally treated to inhibit bacteria growth while in the packaging, lasts for months, can be washed in machine or hand washed, made from eco friendly material.
  • The Luxe Latex Pillow is hypoallergenic and is designed for comfort, softness and support.



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