The Honest Company Review & Giveaway!

So what’s the one item that is put on a baby at the hospital moments after birth, and will be on the baby for the next two to four years? DIAPERS! But how well do you know these not-so-foreign, yet never-really-cared-to-learn-about products?  We all know that babies are much more susceptible to toxins, and if we could choose to do things better for them, we absolutely would.  So, shouldn’t we be more conscious about diapers – products that our baby will go through about eight to nine thousand times until they’re potty-trained?   Well, that’s why we are so excited about this company that thought about ALL these things, did the research & created safe products for our babies – The Honest Company.

There are several factors that a parent should think about when choosing diapers – these somewhat foreign objects that will touch our babies more than we actually do!  There are some scary chemicals and toxins out there such as Dioxin, Tributyl-tin, Sodium and many more that we can’t pronounce, but definitely wouldn’t want our little ones exposed to.  The Honest Company’s diapers are naturally biodegradable and premium plant-based.  They are comfortable and fit well with a non-irritating feeling, but what’s more is that they are FASHIONABLE! After months of using these products myself, I can HONESTLY say that their diapers are simply SUPERIOR.

Business woman, gorgeous actress, and MOM, Jessica Alba, along with former CEO of Healthy Child Healthy World, author of a best-selling book and DAD, Christopher Gavigan, launched The Honest Company in January 2012.  With the help of business mogul, Brian Lee (founder of ShoeDazzle and LegalZoom), who is also a DAD, they collaborated to build a company that is committed to making safer products more convenient, beautiful, and affordable and to providing exceptional family support that promotes health, happiness and community.

The Honest Company is unique because of its products and how it works.  They not only carry diapers  & wipes that are also clear of dangerous, foreign ingredients, but they also have a bath & body line and a cleaning line.  Their bath & body line has everything from shampoo & conditioner to sunscreen to one of the best smelling hand soaps out there! (Trust us, you’ll be hooked! We are!!)  Honest’s laundry detergent and dish soap are hypoallergenic and their dishwasher gel and multi-surface cleaner work so well they don’t leave any residue behind!


Another one of the many great aspects of The Honest Company is how well thought out their product distribution is.  You can customize the products you want to fit your family’s needs and you can even choose your diaper designs based on the gender of your baby!  The Honest Company will then send you these products monthly to your door!  It’s such a great way to help the new generation of parents, who are constantly on the go, get necessary products without having to dash to the store every time they run out of something.  AND the best part is that Honest was thoughtful enough to offer a free trial so you can make sure that the products you’re choosing really do fit with your family.

Today, we’re giving away a Family Essential Bundle along with some of their super cute diapers!  Winner will get their CHOICE of diaper design. Please see below for rules on how to enter.

*Must be at least 18 yrs or older and live in the contiguous US to enter.

Retail value: $75.00

**We are very excited to announce that The Honest Company is the Title Sponsor for our 2012 Los Angeles PLUSH Show!


  • Diapers fit well, are leak proof, doesn’t smell like toxins and the designs are super cute!
  • Products are superior in quality
  • Safe, eco-friendly products and packaging that are great for us and the environment
  • Percentage of their proceeds go to Baby2Baby – who supplies families in need with essential baby clothing and gear, like baby diapers.







  • 201
    Julie Roberts Fondren says:

    I’m so busy always trying to figure out what is BEST for my baby and her development. I love that using Honest – I don’t have to worry – i know that this is the best for her sweet cheeks!

  • 202
    Julie Roberts Fondren says:

    I shared this fabulousness on facebook!

  • 203
    Olivia Angeles says:

    I love how the products smell as well as how well they perform!

  • 204
    Olivia Angeles says:

    I just “liked” this on Facebook and i hope to help someone else discover how fabulous Honest products are!

  • 205
    Matt Meelaphsom says:

    I love the focus and mission of the honest company,
    responsible, eco-friendly, non-toxic, natural products.
    They keep it real.

  • 206

    I only get one chance to get things right, since my triplets are my first and only kids. Having products that are safe and non-toxic is my main focus! I am HONESTly thankful for your amazing products!

  • 207
    angelina says:

    I love Honest for the lack of harsh chemicals and attention to detail!

  • 208
    simone t. says:

    Like you both on FB and I love that wipes are included in the delivery packages.

  • 209
    simone t. says:

    Shared on FB. Thanks!

  • 210
    Jennifer Loper says:

    I have looked into their products and they are wonderful.

  • 211
    Kelly McCluskey Lorandos says:

    I love how these products don’t use the harsh chemicals.

  • 212
    Kelly McCluskey Lorandos says:

    Shared/liked on facebook

  • 213
    Claire says:

    I love that they are non-toxic!

  • 214
    Jessica L. says:

    I love that it can be customized and the ingredient list is great!

  • 215
    Elisabeth says:

    I like Honest & Plush on FB, and subscribe to your newsletter! :)

    My favorite thing about the honest diapers is that they are good for babies! All of the toxins in traditional brands are so scary!

    I also love how cute they are too!!

  • 216
    Josanne Batson says:

    Honest always sends me exactly what I need when I need it. I started off last month and as soon as my detergent was out I got the package from honest the next day. Love it

  • 217
    Josanne BatsOn says:

    Shared on twitter

  • 218
    Kimberly says:

    I love that their products are healthy for my family and are gentle, too.

  • 219
  • 220
    Marlissa T says:

    I love the honest company for their biodegradable wipes and diapers!!! Too many diapers are in the landfill taking 500 years to decompose :(

  • 221
    Marlissa T says:

    I shared this on my Facebook!!

  • 222
    Michelle says:

    The diapers! I love them:) I’ve been trying to find a diaper that was not only safe but cute for years!

  • 223
    Krizia Thomas says:

    My daughter enharited my husbands sensitive skin, and after she grew into size 3 diapers every brand and wick away chemicals that would burn her little behind. Other organic brands just never held up, but Honest diapers are not only totaly cute but keep her bum dry and healthy.

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