April Showers Bring May Flowers Party

April Showers

When I first saw this cute April Showers Bring May Flowers party in Bird’s Party magazine, I knew I HAD to feature it here as I had so much to say about the creative details that Suzanne of Fanciful Events included! 

First of all….the overall theme is carried through to every single detail beautifully!  From the oversized rainbow umbrella chandelier to the sweets and that cake….wow…that cake is FABULOUS!

The details are just so well thought out and the best thing is that all the ideas here are very doable and attainable.  I love that!  She repurposed rain boots to hold sweets and umbrella favors and created a cute focal point on the table with raincoat & tutu!  Brilliant! My personal favorite creative touch happens to be the WOW-FACTOR–those window panes as the sweets bar backdrop is just PHENOMENAL!

One of Suzanne’s signature touches is to match her daughter’s oufit to the theme of the party which is just adorable and I look forward to seeing how she does this every time!  She didn’t disappoint here…How cute is that rainbow dress and headband!

Check out what Suzanne had to say about her party:

I decided to do the April Showers bring May flowers theme and make into more of a rain shower theme. I decided to go with the bright colors of the rainbow and make it playful and very whimsical! I hung umbrellas from the ceiling and made rain drops in rainbow colors and just tried to play along with the shower feel of the theme. I loved doing this theme because it really made me think creatively and try to make it look like a different rain shower theme as well as a rainbow theme!

I worked with wonderful vendors who helped me with this party:

I was turned out very whimsical, playful and just a fun party to do!

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